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Sugarfrost Releases

We made them!:)


1991-1995 Frosty 1-15

2014-2015 Frosty 16-17


Full list with some stories and memories shared. Stories still incomplete but added from time to time.

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Sugarfrost Project 2014 - 2015

2014 - after some 20 years, we have decided we want to do something again.


Call it vanity project, nostalgia, whatever. But at the bottom of it, we still love music and still want to get amongst it. In our own pace.


This is our small resistance to all digital click-click music. Bring back the joy of having music in your hands!


Sugarfrost Project One 2014:



split 7 inch single


2014, Sugarfrost returns!

First release in two decades is a special 7" re-release of our 1990 flexi. Limited 200 copies, in lovingly hand-crafted packaging. 

Sugarfrost Project Two 2015:



'You are the one for me'

7 inch single


Could this be our best?

Most beautiful love song with strings quartet, softly.  Yet again in block print sleeve, feel the music in your hands. Pure love...

Also available from us

The Very Best of


"Songs written between 1987 and 1998"

35-track 2CD Compilation


We have limited availability of B-FLOWER's very first and Japan-only Best Of 2CD comp in stock. Please read our feature page with comments from Graeme Elston, Mehdi Zannad (Fugu), Clare Wadd (Sarah Records), Harvey Williams, Cloudberry Records and Evelyn Tremble

News, sometimes

Nelories 1990 demo reissue


A new US label Fish Prints are reissuing Nelories' pre-Sugarfrost demo on limited  cassette and also digitally.


This really is phenomenal!


Complete with original cover design by Jun de Nelorie. This is a release of pure love, the label's enthusiasm moved me!


Visit and have a listen here