About Sugarfrost


A tiny indie label called Sugarfrost was born in Walton, Liverpool in 1991.


After a couple more locations thereabouts,

we are now down on the underside of the world in New Zealand.


Clean and crisp. 

And still 5000 miles from everywhere...


Are you scared to get happy?


Boshi Label 1988-90

It happened mostly in Japan, apart from the last issue of the fanzine with Love Parade flexi.


Bi-lingual fanzine "5000 Miles from George Square" #1-4,

came with all sorts of flexis including a Sha-la-la, Ammonites/Philips split, Love Parade/Venus Peter split (re-released in 2015) and 7"single by Bachelor Pad.


A couple of cassette compilations: "Akko-chan's Anorak Party" (Lollipop Sonic, Penny Arcade + Debonaire) and VA "Bokuno nichiyobi kompi"


Did some outrageous things like bringing Rodney Allen (Subway Organisation) for Japan tour in 1990, financed by what you call now crowdfunding. Which was a great fun!!

(Where's Rodney now??) 


Also made a  T-shirt and what else :)





Sugarfrost 1991-95

The main bit happened in Liverpool, UK.


From Frosty 1 to 15. Final release by date is Evelyn Tremble 7" which is meant to be 1995 but actually came out on 1996 due to LA earthquake (why?).


We did a couple of Japan tour, a couple of John Peel Sessions, not everything sold successfully but had some good reviews on NME, Melody Maker etc.. Perhaps more than we could hope for for a bedroom indie label like us:)


1988 to 1995 is very close to Sarah Records' tread but that's just how it turned out. We walked along, but not following. Because everything was different in 1995, we just faded.



Sugarfrost 2014-15

2 more vinyl singles, which happened in our new home New Zealand. It was just a talk with Graeme Elston about how little money you get for digital releases. And no fun. So came re-release split 7" single of his old band Love Parade and Japanese band Venus Peter, originally a  flexidisc on Boshi Label 1990.


Then B-flower started recording again after all this time, we loved them so we did the single.


So what's next?


(To be continued...) 

(a big maybe)