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Eva Luna CD is selling out, last few copies!



Updated: 23/3/20


COVID-19 UpdateNew Zealand will be in lockdown from 25/3/20 for 4 weeks (or longer). Sugarfrost mailorder will be suspended for the time being. Thank you for your understanding, and please take care and stay safe!


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How to Order

Nothing unusual here: first place your order in shopping bag, then checkout. Auto-Response acknowledgement email will be sent. So if you don't receive one of those, chances are that we didn't receive your order. Please let us know.


Shipping cost will be calculated automatically, so you can make payment via Paypal or credit card straight away. Shipping cost indicator (for one item) is under Add to Bag button. We will ship your order by airmail within 2 working days and confirmation email will be sent.


Please note: shipping cost for two 7"/CD is more than double of one copy only order. This is due to different shipping method - one small item goes under letter-rate airmail, where as two items will go over the weight limit and will have to be shipped by airmail small parcel service. Sorry for the confusion.


Delivery time: Airmail from New Zealand (that's where we are now) will normally take 7 to 14 business days around the world.


Ordering from UK, Europe or North America?

You can also order Sugarfrost + Japanese CDs from our friends!